Mad Good Music is a music blog, set up in 2012, under the former name of Museum Lunch and a Snooze. Initially named after a favourite TV show of mine, I changed it after 3 months to reflect  the content I was posting.

Under this new handle, you can still expect the same standard of daily music, regular features and the occasional review of the best music right now. We’ll cover a variety of genres, from hip-hop to R&B to dance and to UK Bass.

There’s only one place you need to visit for your fix of new music; Mad Good.





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My real name is Alex Griffin, and I’m currently a student at Falmouth University in Cornwall, UK. Born in Bristol and raised in North Somerset, I arguably have the most country-bumpkin blood known. Ironic for someone who hosts an urban music blog.

I was brought up always surrounded by music, with my Dad being reknowned for his extensive knowledge and burning passion for it. I grew up hearing the likes of Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen and The Pixies; again, how I came to love hip-hop is beyond me.

Regardless, I have a massive respect for the whole culture, and although I don’t fit the bill as the stereotypical listener, I still am the biggest fan at heart. Music like this is relateable to anyone, and people who think it’s just gangster music are ignorant. I’ve converted so many friends to the genre, some who you would never think like it.

Along the way, I’ve been introduced to R&B, house and bass music all of which I have a massive love for. I’ve always wanted to be a writer of some description and this seemed to be the next logical step.

So that’s me and why I write about music. Safe.



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