#ILLustrated: Vince Staples – Shyne Coldchain Vol. 2

Shyne-Coldchain-II-Cover-Art   Introducing a brand new concept for Mad Good; #ILLustrated. I came up with the concept while looking through my good friend Becky’s artwork, with it starting as an idea to bring music back closer to the other arts. I chose lyrics from Vince Staple’s new mixtape Shyne Coldchain Vol. 2, while Becky interpreted them with her own unique style of illustration. I tried to choose lyrics with a fair bit of imagery to help her out, but she’s overachieved from what I was expecting. Hopefully this is something we’ll be doing again soon, but for now check out the 3 designs below, clicking each one for a larger version, or scrolling to the bottom for a slideshow. Also, check out Becky’s own website for more of her work.

Here are the 3 songs we took influence from:

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