Interview: Groove Armada On The Future Of Dance Music And The Likelihood Of A New Album


  With the recent announcement that Groove Armada are playing at The Masked Ball in Cornwall, a small festival with a special place in our heart, we got in contact with Tom from GA. We touched on how small festivals compare to Glastonbury, as well as the future of dance music and the chances of Groove Armada coming out with another full-length album. Check out the full Q and A session below!

It’s been recently announced that you’re playing at the Masked Ball in Porthleven, Cornwall- how did that come about and are you looking forward to it?

We’ve heard great things about the event. It looks like the right kind of wrong.

How does a smaller festival like this compare to playing at places like Glastonbury?

Well it’ll be easier to get in and out of than Glastonbury. Glasto is just the ultimate really, but when it all comes down to it we all want the same thing don’t we? Good music and a bit of a tear up.

Have you ever been to Cornwall before? If so where and why?

I have friends down here, so yeah a few times. We’ve played festies down here back in the day too. I think Andy played Surfers Against Sewage back in the day. It’s practically a home from home.

What can we expect from your upcoming EP? How long have you guys been working on it? Talk about the creative processes behind it a little bit.

Well we’ve been in the groove, doing this house stuff for a while now. We’ve been releasing music with the likes of Get Physical, Hypercolour, DanseClub and a few on our own imprint. So it was great to do something with ModaBlack. I really like where Andy and Jaymo have taken the label in the last few years. In terms of the creative process it works nicely now. I live in London, Andy in France, so it’s all pretty remote, but it works.

Who are you rating right now in bass and dance music? Did anyone in particular inspire you to come back with this new release?

As I said, there’s no real sense of a comeback. But yeah, I think house music is great right now. Loads of great producers are out. Off the top of my head, I’m really digging the likes of; Dusky, Marc Romboy, Squarehead, Kill Frenzy and Turbo Recordings. They’re always banging. Levon Vynehall and Aus Music are amazing too.

With the recent resurgence of deep house and garage, what do you think is in the future for electronic music?

I just love how dance music goes a bit wrong, but just keeps coming back to the real good stuff, again and again. I cant see that trend stopping anytime soon.

What do you think is the key to longevity in electronic music, as you guys have been in the industry for over a decade now?

Just genuinely digging what you do. Even now (we like what we make).

How does the music industry compare now to what it did back when you guys released songs like “Superstylin”?

The whole system has come crashing down and that’s a good thing. It’s probably harder to make a living these days, but there’s more opportunities to be had now than there was then. There’s things I miss, more than anything – that vibe you had in a record shop on a Friday afternoon when the tunes came in and getting ready for the weekend. With MP3s everywhere we’ve lost that now.

How come you guys have been quiet for so long?

We haven’t really. I mean we’ve never been away, we’re just taking things a little easier these days.

After the EP what’s next for Groove Armada? Can we expect another full-length album? Any details you can reveal on future projects?

I don’t think we’ll be doing another album, really. That doesn’t feel part of the scene we’re in right now. If we ever did the live thing again then maybe we would, but I honestly can’t see that happening anytime soon.

Anything else in general you’d like to touch upon?

I’m good. I’m looking forward to the Masked Ball. Gonna be rocking.

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