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lunarcinterview GR!FF hooked up with Bradford's very own Lunar C on Skype to bring you another installation to our interview series! During the conversation he touched on subjects like why trying to unite UK hip-hop was a "fucking disaster", how performing at Leeds Festival was a dream come true and why he won't be making a return to battle rap. As well as all this we have a little talk about his EP, his upcoming album and his other future projects! Check it all out below.

What’s up Lunar man, you good?

Yeah I’m good thanks man, you?

Not too bad mate. So, you’re EP, Good Times and Dead Brain Cells, came out not too long ago. The receptions been pretty good right?

Yeah man. It went a lot better than I expected. I tried and aimed for it to get a good response obviously, but it went a lot better than I expected.

I saw a couple of tracks got played on Mistajam’s radio show.

Yeah, Mistajam’s been supporting and Charlie Sloth, so it’s been really good.

How long were you working on it?

I gave it a good few months. That’s why there’s 10 tracks on it, I wanted to put a lot of work into it and cut it down to a few tracks. But then when I got round to it, I didn’t cut too much off of it. I left it at 10 tracks, because for an EP that’s kind of your limit, any more than that and it’s not really an EP. I took a little while with it.

It’s sounding good though. I noticed on Twitter, you’re pretty insistent that it is an EP and not your album, like a lot of people think.

To be honest, I take that confusion as a compliment, as it is only an EP but people are taking it as an album. A lot of my fans say it is a good album, so I can’t really moan about that. But at the same time I want them to know something bigger and better is coming, because on the album I’m going to put a lot more time into it. You’ll see when it comes, but I just want people to know that Good Times and Dead Braincells is not it from me.

What time-ish can we expect the album? Will it be this year?

Honestly, I’ve only just started working on it and I don’t really want to put a time limit on it at all. You expect something this year, but not necessarily the album. I hope you’ll get it this year, but if not you’ll get something. It’ll keep the people happy.

On the EP you worked with guys like Mic Righteous and Scrufizzer. Can we expect any more collaborations and features from you soon?

Yeah definitely man. I’m doing loads of features right now for other people’s projects. Make sure you get Rascal’s EP as well, because I’m on a track on that with Ghetts. It’s a track called “The Streets”, which is sick. On my actual album I haven’t really thought about features yet, I just want to get a big chunk of it done myself and worry about that when it comes to it.

Sick. So, you’re from Bradford; How did you get into hip-hop being from there? And have you faced any problems, not being from London.

Well, when I first started I always had this perception that it was gonna be really hard, because obviously I’ve got the Bradford accent. i didn’t really want to spit in a London or American accent or anything else, because I think that’s stupid. I always expected it was going to be a big problem, but to be completely honest, I think if anything it’s worked in my favor. I have a different accent to most MC’s and I can’t honestly say that it’s been a problem. Any little different thing that I have about myself, I mean I am a weird guy, it’s not just the accent. I’m a strange looking guy, I’ve got a strange voice (laughs). I’m not like any other MC and I’m never gonna be, so I just kind of embrace all the strange things about me and luckily so do a few others as well.

Who did you listen to coming up?

My Dad used to listen to hip-hop, so I never really remember a time when I didn’t listen to it. When I was really young, I grew up around Wu-Tang and Cypress Hill and all kinds of artists. All the obvious big 90’s artists. i don’t know how old I was when Eminem came out, but that was kind of when I started getting my own taste in hip-hop. It wasn’t until I was about 15 I discovered UK hip-hop. I literally knew none of it, or that it even existed. Once I discovered artists like Maestro, Skinnyman, Chester P, all them dudes. I just went a bit crazy on it man, a bit obsessed. I started writing bars then and just went from there. They were the main guys who influenced me though man, UK-wise.

Why do you think it’s take so long for UK hip-hop to start moving on a bigger scale?

I dunno man! To be honest, I still don’t think we’re doing too well. We’ve had a few good things, like Krept & Konan, they’re doing it.

Yeah man they’re doing big right now.

That’s the kind of shit I like to see, but you don’t see it too often. There’s Krept & Konan, there’s G-FrSH, there’s a couple others. Big Narstie, he’s doing well. You can see why they’re doing well. Most of the other artists that I rate though aren’t doing too well. You have to fit into a bracket other wise it isn’t going to happen, it’s annoying. We have to change that. The internet is helping, because the Radio DJ’s can’t ignore the internet. It’s at a point where the internet is just as important as the radio. If anything’s made a change, then that’s what I’d say it is.

Well, guys like yourself are flourishing with the internet; I’m right in saying you’ve been on SBTV a few times?

Yeah man.

And you’ve done a Fire In The Booth (on Radio 1 with Charlie Sloth)?

Yeah I have. I should be doing a new one soon too. Part 2 will be coming very soon, I’m gonna write that (laughs). That will be another thing that comes out before the album or my next project. Also, my crew Fly Tippers have a mixtape coming very soon and I’m gonna drop a track within the next week from that called “Crash Bandicoot”.

On the mixtape note, we heard rumors you were looking to make a compilation mixtape with other UK rappers. What happened to that?

Yeah, that was a fucking disaster. I went through a long period of time where I was so excited by UK hip-hop and thought it was going somewhere, but it got to a point where even I was only listening to American hip-hop. That’s kinda depressing to me, you know what I mean? But recently, there’s been a little surge of new fresh artists and a lot of people doing good things. So, I wanted to do something that broke the gloomy and depressing stigma of UK hip-hop that might have been attached to it still from a few years ago. I don’t think it’s the same anymore and I wanted to show that. Me and my DJ tried to get tracks off a lot of artists and a lot of the top sick artists did send us some. But, there wasn’t enough man. We literally didn’t get enough tracks to put on a mixtape. That’s how I know first hand that the UK scene is fucking stupid. People don’t want to push their own shit. We’re a small country compared to America, we’re never gonna be bigger than America. I mean hip-hop started there. But sometimes I just feel like it’s a bit embarrassing in comparison man.

It’s a shame it didn’t happen, I thought it was a good idea.

Well, it was a good idea! We got some really good tracks off some sick artists. We got CAS on there, we were speaking to C4, we had Scrufizzer, we had Mic Righteous. We had me. I was talking to Shotty Horroh about getting a track off him. Blizzard. We tried with everybody, but it’s strange man, certain people just don’t want to push themselves.

Speaking on a couple of those guys… I know you don’t like talking about it but I feel like I have to.

Battling! (laughs)

Battling. You’re definitely not going to do it again?

Man, do you know what, it’s one of those things where it’s almost not my choice. You can’t make yourself want to do something. When I was battling it was my favorite thing in the world and I was obsessed with it. I would watch every battle that came out, every day. I knew that shit like the back of my hand. But I just don’t even fucking watch it anymore.

So there’s no guys in Don’t Flop right now that are inspiring you to get back into it?

I’m not gonna say that. I’m not gonna be a dick about it. It’s just my hunger and my interest is not like it was. To be fair, I’ve seen a couple of battles where I’ve been like ‘fuck, these guys are sick’. Shuffle T and Marlo, they’re funny as fuck. Last night actually, two of the biggest battles in years happened. Pat Stay vs Dizaster and Loaded Lux vs Hollow Da Don. I went on Twitter last night and Dizaster said he’s quit battle rapping. He was my favourite battler, so that’s pretty gutting. That was kind of the nail in the coffin for me. When Dizaster loses interest, you know there’s a problem.

You and you’re old battle partner Matter – you still linking together?

You know what, I don’t really speak to Matter that much man. I saw him in Leeds not so long ago and we both said we need to hook up and we don’t know why we haven’t. I met him through battling, because he started just before me on Don’t Flop and I wanted a doubles partner. We started chilling, he was my boy, but I dunno man. He’s been doing his own thing, I’ve been doing mine, so we haven’t crossed paths too much. We’ll have a smoke soon though.

You touring this year?

Yeah man, I will have dates very soon. I’m just finding my feet in 2014 at the moment and recording tracks at the minute, but I’ll holler at my live agent and get some shows (laughs).

 That reminds me; last year you performed at Reading and Leeds festival didn’t you?

That was my highlight of the year I reckon, it was fucking ridiculous! Playing Leeds was like a dream come true. Bro I met so many people. I was backstage with like Action Bronson, he was cool. We all had like, a little cabin backstage at the 1Xtra tent, all the hip-hop artists. It was kind of surreal. All the Don’t Flop dudes like Eurgh and Mickey Worthless had blagged back stage passes some how (laughs). Alchemist was there DJ’ing for Eminem – he’s like my favourite producer. So I ran up to him and asked for a photo and he was like ‘yo I’ve seen your battles man’. That was a crazy day. Chance The Rapper as well man, I met him, he was sick.

So up next; a couple of tracks, Fire In The Booth, Fly Tippers.

Yeah that’s basically what I’m doing right now. Mainly focusing on the album, which is frustrating because I want to release some new music now. We’ll make p for it by dropping a single soon-ish, when I know I’ve got the right track. They’ll be a video and all that good stuff. If I can drop a mixtape before the album I will. Before that, make sure you look out for the Fly Tippers tape. I’ve got a video coming out with a band as well, which is pretty different to my usual stuff.

What’s the Fly Tippers mixtape going to be called?

I think it’s going to be called Litter Man. When you see the cover and hear the project, you’ll know why it’s called that. It’ll all make more sense when you see it.

I think that’s everything man!

Cool man, good to talk, speak soon!


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