Throwback Review: Bas – Quarter Water Raised Me Vol. II


Having seen Bas support J. Cole on the What Dreams May Come Tour earlier this month, I have become seriously obsessed with his mixtape, Quarter Water Raised Me Vol. II (I’m sure the sly mentions of his name in my recent posts have been a big enough hint). Though Bas has featured on Cole’s tracks before, we were all intrigued by his verse on “Cousins” when Truly Yours 2 dropped. Bas rightly dropped QWRM2 with the surrounding hype, but I was admittedly so caught up in the Cole bubble that I didn’t give it enough listens or the credit it deserves. Seeing him perform “Mook II” and “Lit” live made me re-consider, and it has truly become one of my favourite mixtapes of 2013.

With slow tempo instrumentals, QWRM2 is a relaxing listen, which Bas himself describes as ‘good music to mook to’. Whilst he proved himself on “Cousins”, his mixtape features Cole again on “Lit” with K Quick, which includes an interesting mix of R&B samples from Miguel’s “Do You”. This, along with “Love Souvenir” and “Mook II” are arguably the most memorable tracks on the tape. There seems to be a mixed opinion on what Cole’s features bring; some feel that he has completely outshone Bas with his verses, but I disagree. If anything, Bas has proved they are on par, as he has given as good (if not better) than Cole on such songs. I doubt Cole would feel the need to further prove himself when he already has a gold selling album out and enough global recognition.

Though Bas himself sees QWRM2 as a personal development project, you wouldn’t be able to tell that he’s only been rapping the past three years, as this mixtape is so solid both sonically and lyrically. QWRM2 has proved he is a true wordplay artist, making him a great addition to Dreamville Records, and a worthy component to the Kendricks and Coles of today.


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